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How can I drive profit for my channel business?

Our clients’ most pressing question: ”How can I drive growth for my channel business in a hyper competitive environment?” Our analysis reveals that a new code for future success is emerging. 3 areas of emphasis - Intelligence, Collaboration, and Responsiveness - will yield a competitive advantage for companies in this near term dangerous environment through the Power of One.

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Why Does Optimizing Rebates Matter?

Growth versus Profitable Growth

RebateMAX Growth versus Profitable Growth

Optimizing the Rebate for Profitable Growth

RebateMAX Optimizing the Rebate for Profitable Growth

A 1% price increase, will increase operating profit by 8% to 10%!

In a McKinsey study of the S&P 1,500 on the impact of pricing, they discovered that getting a 1% price increase, will increase operating profit by an average of 8% to 10%. 

McKinsey goes on to say that conversely, if a salesperson provides a 5% channel discount, it takes 18.7% additional sales volume to make up for the loss in profitability.  The really bad news is that channel sales teams (and Marketing Promotions, etc.) often give that up 1% multiple different ways.

The good news is that we have engineered RebateMAX to be your first line of defense for margin protection!